Top Five Wednesday

Top Five Wednesday: Second Book is Best

So it’s Top Five Wednesday again!The topic for this week is…..

 Second Book is Best”

Oh yes! I’m going to have fun with this one! I’m going to cheat a little bit and also include books that are the middle of the series if the series is not a trilogy.

So lets hop to it!

5. A Crown of Wishes  by  Roshani Chokshi

This one really took me by surprise because I didn’t like The Star Touch Queen at all. A matter of fact I didn’t even finish it at all because I couldn’t connect with Maya, Amar or the story itself even tho the writing was beautiful.. It took me like three times to actually read the first chapter until I decided to get the audiobook which I only made it half way. A Crown of Wishes was a totally different story altogether. Everything from the characters, the story to the writing was so much better in this one!



4.  Scarlet by Marissa Meyer

While I loved Cinder, Scarlet was way better for some reason. I think because Scarlet is my second fave heroine after Cinder. Also I loved her relationship with Wolf. I also think that while Cinder felt predictable as a book , Scarlet didn’t at all which was amazing.






3. Heir of Fire  by Sarah J Mass

Yeah I know this is 3rd book of the series but in all honestly it’s the best one so far. I was honestly thinking about not finishing series since I wasn’t feeling the first two but I heard from everyone that I this one was better. It didn’t disappoint at all! I love it so much because Sarah does an amazing job of having Celena/Aelin in such a low point in the beginning of the book,having her coming to terms on who and what she is  towards the middle and her raising above and becoming stronger towards the end. She’s does an amazing job doing the ” a phoenix rises from their ashes” trope as I called it.  Also one my fave characters, Manon was introduced in this one so it’s a win- win situation. lol


2. Catching Fire by  Suzanne Collins

While I loved the first book , this one was the game changer for me. I think because all the stakes were higher in this one than in the first with a rebellion on the raise and all the former victors in the past games coming into play. Also this was the book were I finally loved Peeta as a character and wasn’t because how he treated Katniss. ( well sort of lol)





1.A Court of Mist and Fury  by Sarah J Mass

A Court of Mist and Fury (A Court of Thorns and Roses, #2)

This book is probably going to go down as one of the best second books of a series I have ever read. It took all my preconceptions going into the boo, turn it upside down and threw it out the window. This whole book was SJM telling me ” Bitch !you thought” over and over again.Honestly, I thought this book was going to be a typical second book of series with a love triangle. You know what I’m talking about. Girl starts to fall in love with the second love interest slowly but surely and at the end of the book, she torn between the two and she don’t know who the hell she wants. So you go into the 3rd and final book of the series, the fandom trying to figure out who she wants while the main conflict of the book and her character arc gets toss in the background. I really thought ACOMAF was going to be Feyre going to the night court once a week in every month to discover Rhys is not as bad as he is, she starts to fall in love with him while still in love Tamlin while learning about her powers and the end of the book she’s torn between the two. So we go into the 3rd book saying #Team Tamlin or #Team Rhysand instead of being concern about Feyre’s character arc. SJM said ” Fuck that shit” so damn hard and that’s the reason why I love her for it. She freaking shattered that mold completely. I’m so tired of reading series books that who the heroine ends up with is more important than if she defeats the enemy and evolves as a character. Who she ends or don’t end up should be to the side and not the main focus of the reader and the book. Sure. We do see her fall out of love with one person and falls in love with the next but we are seeing her grow as a person first. We see her realized who she is and how she finally open her eyes to realize that she’s not growing but honestly dying. We see her love herself as a person first before she can love someone else. We see her rise from her ashes to be a phoenix she needs to be which SJM does so well in this. That’s why I felt ACOWAR was such a disappointment even tho I gave it 4 stars. It just take non of my preconception away at all but felt predictable. Oops Sorry for the essay! lol

So there’s my Top Five for this week!

What’s your fave second books or middle of the series books?



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