1 Star · Erotica

The Wild by K. Webster

Summary: I brought them to the wilderness because we couldn’t cope with our reality. The plan was to make a new life that didn’t include heartache. No people. No technology. No interference. Just us. A chance to piece together what was broken. But the wilderness is untamed and harsh. Brutal and unforgiving. It doesn’t give a damn about your feelings. Tragedy lives there too. No escaping the truths that won’t let you go. All you can do is survive where love, no matter how beastly, is the only thing you can truly count on. Confusing. Wrong. Twisted. Beautiful. Sick. Love is wild. And we’re going to set it free. WARNING: The Wild is an extremely taboo story. Most will find that the themes in this book will make you incredibly uncomfortable or maybe even offend you. This book is only for the brave, the open-minded, and the ones who crave love in even the most dismal of situations. Extreme sexual themes and violence in certain scenes, which could trigger emotional distress, are found in this story. If you are sensitive to heavy taboo themes, then this story is not for you. Seriously, you’ve been warned. Don’t say I didn’t try. You’re probably going to cringe many, many, many times. Even if you’re on the fence, it’s probably not a good idea to proceed. However, if you’re intrigued and fearless and kind of sort of trust me, then carry on. This book is for you.

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1 star

SPOILERS GALORE (Because I’m about to rant on this one. )

So I heard about the surrounding controversy about this book and decide to give it a try. I petty much read ( well skim on certain parts) the whole book in one setting last night and I say it like this. It was all levels of fucked up but it had a little more substance than any AR book ever had. Not a lot but a little bit more.

Before I start ranting let be give a little more background to the story.

It’s basically a story of a guy and his family, trying to pick up the pieces of their family after one of their twin children dies. After some time as passed,the father though it would be a good idea to sale all his stocks he had since he’s is a millionaire of course,( Yall know the drill when it comes to erotica and guys being filthy rich to avoid jail time), pack up and adventure out to the Alaskan woods to start a new life together with his 16 year old “daughter” and his clinically depressed wife. But things take a turn for the worse when the mother deiced to commit suicide cause she still couldn’t deal with the death of her son. So him and his 17 year old”daughter”(she had her birthday while they were out there) is basically out in the woods by themselves, trying to build a cabin after the mother hanged herself which the fucked up fun is about to began!

I’m going to go ahead and spoil the whole book in one sentence just get it out of the way so I can rant about how truthfully fucked up it is.

The heroine was not the biological daughter of the “hero” but his adopted daughter which her and her dead twin brother was a product of incest and rape. 

That’s it.

That’s whole freaking taboo twist of the story.

Let’s get to ranting on how fucked up this is. 🙂

Now you may say ” Oh that’s a freaking copout!” which I fully agree with you since the whole book had us thinking that they were truly daughter and father who started an incestuous relationship in the woods after the mama died then they BOTH found out they are not.

You know what make it so fucked up?

He fucking KNEW that she wasn’t his biological daughter the whole fucking time! He knew that she was none of his and he never told her. He knew that her and brother was product of rape and incest by their real biological mother. So he got this girl and the readers thinking for the majority of the book that she’s falling in love, having sex ,and about have a baby with her biological dad which she thinks it going to have birth defects when the whole, time he knew that she wasn’t his in the first place. So while we the readers thinking how fuck up this is and both parties should be feeling guilty about this happening, one party already knew the whole load down but still going to pretend that she’s his true daughter. That’s more fucked up to me than them having this incestuous realtionship with neither one of them knowing that they were actually not biologically kin until they both found out together towards the end. Meaning that the mama had affair with someone which she had twins because of it and the dad didn’t know about it. It’s just always worse to me when one of the party knew the whole deal while still pursuing it and left the other party out in the dark while having guilty thoughts.

I appreciate the author giving the warning about how taboo and dark it was so basically it was at the readers transgression to read this. I have a high tolerance for problematic things, so while it did brother me I did go into this with a open mind.

Do I agree with the kindle version being pulled from amazon?

No. Not at all. Cause in all honestly, that just draw more attention to the book cause people want to know what the big deal is.

So yeah It’s fucked up but it doesn’t warrant a pull from Amazon.

As of right now, I think Smashwords also pulled it along with Amazon pulling the kindle and paperback versions.



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