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Feature Post: Sarah J Maas and Words

Edit: The blub for ACOFAS has been released and Feyre says the word mate.. So I am going to update the chart to reflect it. So make that 313 times the word been used. Lol

Hey Everyone!

I’m still here but me writing books reviews has slowed down a lot. Probably because I’m working and the fact I just can’t get into a book like a used to. Maybe it’s a long term book slump that one day I get out of but I don’t know.( Even If one of the books I’m currently trying to read is a Beauty and Beast retelling by Grace Draven. ) I got arcs on top of arcs that could be reading. lol

But anyway! I need some content on my blog since I haven’t reviewed anything since January.( Well Technically November since I pretty much wrote that Evelyn Hugo review in November and just posted it in January. I told y’all I was in a book slump!)

This is just something fun I did on my spare time which I did post on Goodreads.

As you know I’m a fan of Sarah J Maas. I pretty much read all her books but one which is Assassin’s Blade. I’m so ready for A Court of Starlight and Frost to come out.

This started off being some silly by commenting on one of my friends status while she was reading Heir of Fire. She noticed how much Sarah used the word ” Glorious” which she though was her fave word. But I was wondered how many times she used a certain word that I think is her fave word which is perhaps. I never really noticed how much that word showed up until I read ACOWAR and listen to Tower of Dawn. So I decide to use Kindle searched feature to look up how many times she used the words ” Prehaps, mate and Glorious for ToG and Perhaps and Mate for ACOTAR. Here’s my first findings.


 photo tog_zpsp07lzull.png

She used the word Perhaps 874 times in one book series.. It’s funny when she used it a 100 more times in Tower of Dawn than in Empire of Storms.


 photo ACOTAR_zpstqnhlvs1.png

Of course Mate is used a whole damn lot in ACOWAR..

So my post got a little traction on GR which people got a blast out of my findings. They asked me to look up the words purr, claim, cocked, and brand.


 photo Tog 2.0_zpsxuyatwpv.png


 photo ACOTAR 2.0_zpsls8upztb.png

I also added Wings and Amber aka Nessian Short in this as well. I also went ahead and put the next installments in each series as well cause I know I’m going to continue this.

I wanted to added the word maybe in this to see how many times she use it along with perhaps.


 photo tog 3.0_zpso0vtafh5.png


 photo Acotar 3.0_zpsgsd6yo7r.png

She use the word Perhaps twice as much as maybe. Queen of Shadows, ACOMAF,ACOTAR are the only three books that she use both words almost the same amount of times.

I decided to put all her books together for a grand total and avg.

 photo sjm_zpsmvotdc5r.png

So SJM top most used the words are

  1. Perhaps used 1,342 times with an avg of 122 per book
  2. Maybe used 648 times with an avg of 59 per book
  3. Male used 513 times with an avg of 47 per book
  4. Claim used 395 times with an avg of 36 per book
  5. Mate used 378 times with an avg of 34.3 per book

This begs the question

How does one person use the word perhaps 1,342 times in the course of their two book series??

I don’t think a lot people pick it up while reading it but I think the reason why I picked it up cause perhaps sounds very pretentious to me. So hearing it being used a lot instead of maybe feels like the person who using it is trying to be Superior or more what they are. So for me SJM using that word so much in her work is her being pretentious. This from a person who does love her work.

Thank you for reading my little experiment. Hopefully I will be reviewing again soon. lol

Tanya 1


8 thoughts on “Feature Post: Sarah J Maas and Words

  1. Perhaps she doesn’t have a thesaurus, maybe. so glad you included averages! your math skills are on point. also lmao
    I’m in Australia and mate is our fav word. I’ve never read Sarah J. Maas (obv I’m missing out) does she use mate to mean friend, or as in mating that animals do

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  2. I love these stats. When you see it in numbers it makes it that more hilarious. I love her ToG books, except for ToD which should’ve stayed a novella, and loved ACOMAF but ACOWAR fell flat for me. I’m excited to see how your stats progress as the next books are released. Thank you for sharing this!

    Liked by 1 person

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