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Tale As Old As Time: An After Hours Fairy Tale (Beauty and The Beast) by Elizabeth

Tale As Old As Time: An After Hours FairyTale (Beauty and The Beast) (Gods Series Book 1)Summary: Taking something that doesn’t belong to you has consequences…
Dr. John Charbonne messed up. He messed up…big time. He took something special, a rose, from his boss. The problem wasn’t the rose, it was that he got caught now he had to pay. He made a trade, his daughter for his life in exchange…
The moment Alcide ‘Beast’ Dios laid eyes on her picture, he was smitten. She was beautiful and her eyes called out to him. He accepted the trade with ease but she wasn’t what he expected.
Arabella Charbonne was tricked by her father and now, she was at the handsome stranger’s mercy. Made to leave one prison for another…When will she ever be free?


0.3 Stars

You can also read it on GR.

Spoilers Galore

TW Rape

That was one of the worst BATB retellings I have read so far. I have read some bad ones but this one takes the cake. I’m all for a BATB retelling with Greek Mythology elements (cough ACOTAR series cough) since its likely that BATB was based off the myth of Eos and Psyche and the myth of Hades and Persephone got some BATB vibes as well  but with some structure which this had none. I should have known that it was going to be an failure from the moment I read the prologue..

No structure when random story lines pop up at the middle and end of the story.( Cough the heroines sister who supposed to see gods cough) It just didn’t make any damn sense to me!

Lackluster world building ,If you going to incorporate Greek Myths with Fairy Tales build up your world to have the two intertwine with each other.

It didn’t feel like a BATB retelling with hardly no elements of it except the rose which had magical healing which was the best part about it but felt flat at the end. Yeah sure it suppose to heal scars but it wasn’t use to heal the heroine scars which was started by her shitty father who was a honestly a sadist.

The main heroine was weak and honestly a doormat for her father and her love interest.  I hate saying this since I don’t like when people say that heroines cry to much or too emotional but this one really did and she honestly had no sign of strength or development in her.   There’s nothing special or endearing about her except the fact she has a good voice.Which I think supposed to take the place of reading being her special interest . It’s sad since she went through two painful ordeals with her dad  scaring her up and her being raped at a party when she was 18  which they were honestly swept under the rug. They wasn’t used a way to make the reader understand why she may have trouble into trusting or getting inmate with someone. Honestly that issue wasn’t even incorporated in the book since her and the beast inaction was majority sex  anyway from the get- go( I will get in more detail when I talk about their realtionship) .  She supposed to be going to college but we don’t know for what which means the author really didn’t develop her character.. Her best friend was more interesting than her but she still felt flat. She honestly begged the love interest to take her back after she stop him for killing her shitty father. She didn’t actually take the place for her father but he actually kind of sold her to the beast.

The hero was an obsessive dominant creepy asshole which was controlling and violent but supposed to be sexy and protective since he’s a god…The only reason why he is perceived as a monster because he supposed to have killed his family which you found out the jilted ex wife had something to do with it.. Which actually give the heroine an ultimatum that if she chose to save her father from killing him, he leaves her. Yes Her father was shitty as fuck for scaring her and selling her out to him but she wasn’t going to let him kill her father like that.. Even if she was a doormat to both guys and really didn’t have a sense of agency.

The whole relationship between heroine and hero was toxic as hell.I have read about some toxic relationships before this one is really really toxic. I really do feel like this one was Stockholm  Syndrome since he kind of locked her in a room for like two weeks but he decided to let her out after she begged him to let her out. The majority of their realtionship was sex ,sex and more sex which hardly no interaction of them getting to know each other until towards the middle. With the heroine supposed to be a savior of rape,it would have been nice to see the heroine having issues of trusting and being intimate with someone and maybe having some PTSD moments which as the story progress and getting to know the beast more, she start letting her walls down and becoming comfortable with him. It was none of that in this story since it was a time jump between the prologue and the first chapter which she magically become comfortable being around him and having sex with him.. They honestly had nothing in common which each other and it honestly felt like instalust and instalove to max. Throw in the fact that he honestly told her to choose between him and her father after he kidnapped and tortured her shitty father( which he did deserved but still).  When she didn’t chose between the two but just wanted him to not kill her father,he walked out and stopped talking to her for like two months. She honestly have to begged him to come back to her in song while at the club she works at which they have a happily ever after with her pregnant with his kid.. .

Yall.. I’m still trying to figure out how the hell I finish reading this story in one day. I’m still shocked I didn’t dnfed it for real.

It’s some other shit in this story that pissed me off like Hades’s portrayal  and Meg’s portrayal of being the jilted ex wife who trying to get her god of a husband back and kill the heroine but I’m getting tried of typing right now..

It was a straight up horrible retelling of BATB..


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