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Once Upon a Happy Ever After Series By Jewel Killian

Once Upon a Happy Ever After Series is  four part Erotic fairy tale retellings by Jewel Killian.

You have four stories ( Click on the links to see the each GR review .)

2. Beauty and Beast
3.Snow White 
4.Rose Red 

They are inter-connected with some recurring characters showing up in all four stories  but can be read as a stand-alone. The story is set in modern-day and all center around a debutante ball for the upper side of New York. So pretty much everything happens in one night with the exception with the of some of the couples knowing each other from the past. So it’s pretty much insta-love with a little sparkle of insta-love but didn’t feel that way at all.


Summary:A backpack full of textbooks, ill-fitting thrift store clothes, it wasn’t hard to piece together why she was upset. Ella was trying to pay her way through college and she’d just lost her only source of income. Because of me and what I’d done to her in that coat closet.But Ella didn’t have to worry about anything. Her life was about to change. I’d make sure of it. Right after I showed her what a real Dom could make her feel.





4 Stars

In this one which starts off the series, Cinderella aka Ella is a college student who tries to make ends meet by working at a high-class restaurant to pay for college. She left her stepmother and stepsister who was spending her father’s fortune that he left him. Our Prince Charming aka Kase  is a business man who was pretty much watching her from afar at the restaurant. After things got a little heated in a coat closet between them which got  her fired from her job, he whisked her of to  New York so she can be his date to the debutante ball. The kicker is that they actually used to play together when they were kids since their dads knew each other but lost contract with his other when her father died. This one pretty good since didn’t have the insta-love factor since they already knew each other. I liked her prince charming cause even tho he was dominating he wasn’t over the top with it and he respected her and her wishes. Ella was awesome cause she was freaking smart and knew how to handle her prince well. (haha)

Beauty and the Beast

Summary:”I couldn’t take my eyes off her. But I couldn’t have her. Not now. Not ever.
Not with this curse hanging over my head.Not a real curse, this isn’t a fairytale. But I am cursed with a very specific need. One that scares everyone I’ve ever told. One that makes people look at me with horror and disgust. I’ve stopped thinking that I’ll find someone who can handle what I need. Because no one can.But I can’t seem to keep my eyes off the stunning girl in a golden dress.It would take everything I had to keep my cool around her. Everything within me not to throw her over my shoulder and show her how much of a monster I truly was.”


3.5 Stars

In this one, Belle is a sub who runs an internet erotic shop where you can get all your toys and whatever else kinky you want and the Beast aka Aidan  is a dom who down plays it and feel like he’s a monster  and also is a business man trying to get a piece of property in New York. They found each other at the ball and insta-lust happens.  I feel like this one was the weakest of the stories cause it felt the most like insta-lust since they where the only couple they didn’t know each other in the past, know about each other cause of the circles they ran with or was a couple before.  Also the fact BATB is my fave fairy tale so of course I’m harder on it than the rest. lol  I do love Belle as a character because she went after she wanted and she was a freaking business woman.  I mean at the end she not only wants to start a relationship with him but she wants a business partnership as well.

Snow White

Summary:”She was forbidden. But so pure, like fresh snow. I knew I had to have her despite her father’s standing in the company. I’d have her, I’d make her mine and she’d love every minute of it.She stared at me, wide-eyed and perfect pink lips slightly parted as I danced her across the ballroom. “This will be a night you’ll never forget, Alicia. I can promise you that.”






4.5 Stars

I though this was going to turn out not being good with its shaking start but it come out to be the second best story of the set. This reason why it was second best is all because of Alicia. To me Alicia besides her sister Abby ( which is featured in Rose Red) was the best two heroines of the series. That’s saying something because I though all the heroines s was pretty damn good along with the heroes. I think because the author didn’t play up to the “naive virgin” routine that some erotica authors love doing. She knew exactly what she was getting herself into and she wasn’t naive about it when it come to her love interest. I just love that fact that she says ” I’m a virgin but not idiot” to her lover interest. The reason why I felt it was shaky starting  off because of one scene that seem like dubious consent but really wasn’t cause Alicia knew she wanted to do it. Also she tells her over protective father off which is a A plus.


Rose Red

Summary:Abby was at the center of the biggest scandal on the Upper East Side, a menage with two men at last year’s Viennese Opera Ball. Her father, the powerful Richard Snow who’d kept her cloistered until she turned eighteen, did everything he could to minimize the media coverage, but Abby still ended up on “Page Six” news.
This year, she’s determined not to embarrass herself. She’s still going to have her fun with two of the hottest, most eligible bachelors in on this side of the river, she’s just not going to get caught this time.




5 Stars !

I think really this one was probably the best one of the set besides Snow White. Abby is Alica’s older sister that had a little scandal of her own at last year’s Deb Ball when she  caught in a menage with two guys which had to be clean up by her Dad. The following year after the three are having a secret relationship , Abby have a decision make dealing with her future with two guys she fell in love with. She also have to deal with the media one more time in order to get her happily ever after. This one was the best one to me because not only did everything come fill circle with the other three stories, Abby was fucking badass just like her sister.   She was extremely smart and resourceful that  took matters into her own hand dealing with the media leaking stories about her and the others.  She handled grace and she got her happy ever after with her two guys. (The freaking loop pole she found in other to married them both was genius.


4.5 Stars

This erotic fairy tale retellings was everything that I wish Alexa Riley short stories had.

  1. Intelligent ,resourceful, kind heroines that wasn’t naive and knew what they wanted.
  2. . Heroes that had  dominance in them but not over the top and respected their heroines wishes.
  3.  The heroes not being like 12 plus years older than their heroines so the relationships didn’t feel imbalanced and the heroine didn’t feel inferior to the hero. ( I think everyone was like between the ages of 18 to at least 25.)
  4. The heroines  being mature so they feel like they were actually 18 and up instead of their ages being just on paper only.
  5.  The smut being hot but over the top craziness.
  6.  Only one of the stories being the hero and heroines just meeting each other  while the other three stories , the hero and heroine knew or know of each other.
  7. All the stories not really being insta-love for the simple fact that I love you wasn’t said but all the couples was heading to a happy ever after.

So I recommend this and I look forward to reading something else from this author.

Tanya 1


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