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Flight Risk by Alexa Riley

Flight Risk by [Riley, Alexa]Summary: Sophia Adams has lived her whole life sheltered from the world. Her parents are workaholics, she goes to an all-girls school, and isn’t allowed outside the boundaries that have been set for her. So when she secretly gets a passport and packs a bag the day it arrives, she thinks all of her dreams are finally coming true. That is, until the airport security pulls her out of line and she discovers that maybe she’s more innocent than she thought.
Lincoln Gray owns everything he could ever want. And that includes the dark-haired beauty he catches sight of. One look at Sophia and he’s making sure she’s the carry-on he’s taking to his next stop. She’s too naive to travel the world alone, and luckily for her, he’s the one to protect her. He’s never been told no, and it’s not about to start now. How can a woman resist being given all she’s dreamed of?
Warning: This short story is insta-love faster than a Nighthawk (It’s the fastest plane in the world. Trust us, we Googled.) Make sure your tray tables are in their upright and locked position and your laptop is in a bin by itself. We’ve got a filthy little quickie ready to please!

Review which you can also read on GR! 

1 Star!

Why I keep tormenting myself with AR books?? Why??? Ugh!

Honestly I can copy and paste one of my reviews from their other books cause it’s the exact same shit although this one is little bit creepier.

You have

The naive innocent barely legal 18 year old wallflower of a heroine who been sheltered so much in this world from her rich parents that she doesn’t know what the hell stranger danger means.. Who’s somehow taking a flight to Paris instead of taking campus tour to her local community colleges or universities….

The creepy possessive obsessive 30 year old billionaire who pretty much take anything he wants without worrying about getting arrested since he’s so freaking rich and owns everything. Who has a hero complex for trying to save the innocent, helpless, and sheltered woman who he barely knows her name, like a child that needs his “protection” along with his dick…. Who pretty much sexuality assaulted ( borderline rape to me even tho he didn’t fully penetrate her) the heroine while she was freaking asleep on the plane. Telling her that she belongs to him now like she’s a piece of meat instead of a person.

Character Development? What is Character Development? There’s no such thing as character development!

InstaLust aka” Let me put a baby in you even tho I barely know you, you been sheltered all your life and you probably barely legal age yet. ”

Instalove aka ” I love you so much even tho I just met and had sex with you in 2 secs ago on a plane without your consent…”

Happy Ever after with two Epilogues with one set 2 years in the future and the other set 10 years in the future while they have 3 or 4 kids and is happily ever after making another one.

And That’s pretty much a AR short story. I really need to stop reading them because they are everything I hate in books.


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