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Taming Beauty by Lynne Barron

Taming BeautySummary:It’s best not to answer the door when the Earl of Dunaway comes knocking.
After learning this lesson by trial and error, as any good lesson ought to be learned, Miss Lilith Aberdeen fashioned a life for herself on the fringes of London society. She is the last lady likely to risk her independence or her heart on anything as fickle and frivolous as love. Or the waxing and waning of familial affection, for that matter. So, how is it she winds up journeying to the wilds of Cornwall to deliver the earl’s pampered, petulant daughter into the hands of the reclusive Baron Malleville?Blame it on the scandalous, unscrupulous and downright dissolute earl.Jasper Grimley has spent more than a decade living in self-imposed exile, tending his lands and waiting for his chosen bride to come of age. When his betrothed is plucked from his grasp mere months before the wedding, he sets in motion a plan to turn the Earl of Dunaway’s plethora of debts and profusion of daughters to his advantage. Unfortunately, when dealing with the earl, even the best laid plans have a tendency to fall to ruin, and Jasper soon finds himself beguiled by the wrong woman. Lilith is not the sweet, innocent, biddable bride he bargained with the devil to possess, but she just might be…The lady destined to lead him down the primrose path to happily-ever-after.


1.5 Stars

I received a copy of this book directly from the author/publisher in exchange for an honest review.

With that being said, let me get honest and I say that I wish I could have enjoyed this but I couldn’t at all. I’m really shocked I finished it because I was so close to dnfing a couple of times.  It had a pretty good premise but the execution of it wasn’t that good to me. In all honestly ,I kind of got confused and bored as I was reading. I didn’t connect with none of the characters which to many it was too many damn side characters and it wasn’t romance for straight up instalust. This supposed have been a full BATB retelling but in all honestly it didn’t feel like one to me.  It honestly felt like the author was trying to do her own version of Dangerous Liaisons mixed in with BATB but a little tamer.  Let me break it down farther.


Lilith – Our heroine aka Beauty.  I tried so hard to connect with her,her story, and root for her but found myself not really caring about her at all. Her side telling it like it is to her sisters and her father come out being more rude than anything. She was also adamant to call her Sissy and her other sisters, sisters even tho they had different mama’s. She didn’t take any bullshit from the beast but it just felt like a game to get his trousers off ,embarrass him for letting his guard down for it to happen, and hopefully get her dimwitted of a sister out of marrying him. I did feel a little bad for her since her parents were not the best at all.Her dad was a freaking rolling stone with five children from different women ( he claim them all tho) and her mom was a famous courtesan just like her mom before her. So  playing the beast character for a sap was in her blood.

Jasper Our hero aka the Beast – My god! His ass was a straight up asshole that love to touch people without their consent and was only thinking with his head between his trousers and not the one on top of his body. During the whole book, I felt like he was only lusting after Lilith and didn’t truly love her. He just wanted what was under her petticoats and not her which made the romance so unbelievable to me. I think he loved his family since they were living at his house.

Sissy- Lilith’s sister  Oh I didn’t like her native behind at all. Lilith supposed to have been 22 while she was 18 but she acted like she was 12 years old while Lithe acted like she was 28-29 years old. I really could have done without her in this book since she was annoying as hell.

Earl of Dunaway Aka Lilith ,Sissy and the other three children dad I think The Temptations wrote ” Papa was a Rolling Stone” just for him because that what he was to the fullest. It’s bad enough the reason why Sissy had to marry Jasper because he went chasing the skirts of Jasper’s betrothed . At the same token tho,his whole game was to get Jasper to marry Lilith instead of Sissy in the first place. I didn’t like his character at all and the only thing good about him is that did claim all his children from his different baby mama’s.

That’s the only characters I’m naming cause it was too many side characters in this book for them to even have a slice of character depth in them. Also the fact the book added characters when the book was almost halfway done.

The Romance

Romance? What Romance?

This supposed to have romance in it?

I missed that memo!

There were no romance in this book but straight up lust Actually it was instalust since the majority of the book took place in 6 days since Lilith,Sissy and their dad supposed to have been at Jasper house 12 days before his and Sissy’s wedding.  So for six days, it just them doing verbal foreplay before they actually did foreplay in the bedroom on the 6th day. When Jasper first saw her, all he wanted to do was hurled her over his shoulder and take her to his room to ravage her. I think she was barely in the house for five mins before he was thinking how soft and ample she was under her corset and petticoats. Hell, he barely knew her freaking name and who she was kin too. I kept thinking during the whole time reading this that they met each other once before as maybe one of her brief lovers since the narrative hinted that she did have lovers like her mama and grandmamma. That would have worked because the lust and maybe love between the two would have been already established and they were just rekindling it. I was hoping for like a back story between the two which could have help since it was such a sort lustship. (not courtship) So when they got married at end, I felt like it was more of them doing that for the sake of they can take each clothes off again without too much scandal and not because they love each other. Also you don’t ” tame” people who you supposed to love…

The Writing

I was not a fan of the writing for some reason and I can’t put my finger on it. For one reason I think it was trying to be too english proper for that time period and it fell flat. In all honestly, the best part of the book was the smut that I wasn’t expecting at all. I love smut as much as the next person but if  the only best thing out of the book is the smut and not the characters or the plot something is wrong in my eyes.  I always felt like smut should be the cherry on the top when it comes to books that are either Adult or New Adult but not erotica. It should be something if it’s there or not you should be able to enjoy book plot, characters and writing. In this one, it was the only that kept me for finishing the whole book because it was the only thing I didn’t skim over. ..

All in All I wish I could have enjoyed it but just fell completely flat for me.

Do I recommend it?

Not really unless you want a BATB retelling with hardly no substance but two people playing games to get the other’s pants…


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