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June Featured Post: My Fave and Least Fave Tropes

This is my first featured post that I’m going to try to do either every week or every month.  Probably every month so I don’t have wreck my brain every week thinking of something.

Tropes! Everyone have tropes that they love or despised to see in their fave books,shows, or movies

Here’s a few that I’m absolutely a sucker for and despise seeing in books, shows, or movies.

Fave Tropes

1.Enemies to Lovers–  I can’t get enough of this trope!I think because if it’s done right, both characters get to learn that their preconception of the other is absolutely wrong. They get to learn about the other while becoming friends and eventually falling in love. Also the case of it being instalove is very low cause they can’t stand each other at first. Sometimes this trope can get ruin if two hate each other so much that it’s no possible way that they should fall in love with each other. They have to have a little cordialness to them so them falling in love can seem realistic. They banter towards each other have to be witty but not downright insulting. Yes Calling them out on their shit is good but down right tearing up their character? Nope

Example: Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen aka The Grandaddy of the Enemies to Lovers trope.

2. Long  Lost Princess– An heir to a lost kingdom who everyone through is dead but escape the clutches or either their evil Aunt or Stepmother.. The princess either doesn’t know she’s the lost princess or knows but trying to hide from everyone because she’s not ready to take up the mantle to reclaim her kingdom and become queen.

Example: The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer and Throne of Glass by Sarah J Maas.

3. Heroine tries to kill her Love interest to get revenge on her people– I think this would fit under Enemies to Lovers but I like it so much that it’s by itself.

Example: Wrath and the Dawn by Renee Ahdieh

4. Finding true Beauty within instead of outside appearances. Unmasking a person’s true nature and soul cause everyone wears mask. Looks can be deceiving.

Example: Beauty and the Beast,  The Wrath and the Dawn Series, A Court of  Thorns and Roses Series

5 A Group of kids overthrowing  a dystopian government

Example: The Hunger Games 

6. A group  of people who can be considered as misfits since they come from different social backgrounds but become a family.

Examples: Rampion Squad- TLC,  Night Court Squad – ACOTAR,  The Golden Trio-  Harry Potter, Dumbledore’s Army- HP , The Dreg Squad- Six of Crows.

7. A secret magical world that’s hidden from the moral world.

Example: Harry Potter Series.

8. Heroine have to  do things (like hunting) to save her younger or older Siblings 

Example: The Hunger Games, ACOTAR, The Lunar Chronicles

Least Fave

1.Love Triangles– That’s probably going to have it’s own post by itself. Let’s just say I feel like it doesn’t serve a purpose if everyone is focus on who the heroine is going to get with instead of if she’s going to save the day.

2. InstaLove– As a fan of Enemies to Lovers, I can’t sand this trope right  here. You can’t make two people fall in with each other like five seconds after they met without them having interactions and convos with each other to learn about the other.

3. The Mean Girl/Queen Bee– What’s the freaking point of having a girl who acts like a bitch to the main character over probably a boy ?  Can we have females being friends and kicking ass together?

4. ” Not like other girls” – This is another pointless trope that sort of shame girls. Just because your MC don’t like ” girly” things doesn’t mean you have to shame other girls who like dresses,makeup or anything else that girls like.  It’s nothing wrong with a heroine who loves her dresses as much she lover  her draggers ( cough Aelin cough)

What’s your Fave and Least Fave Trope that I haven’t mentioned?

Also what feature post would you like me to do in the future?

Comment below!

Tanya out!


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