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A Beast’s Belle by J. Gambardella

A Beast’s Belle

Summary: The novel offers a twist on a classic story; Isabel is the daughter of a widowed inventor and tinkerer, but leaves home to join the indentured staff of a manor. Upon arriving, she explores the rigid structure of domestic servitude and discipline in the manor, and eventually grows fascinated with the Master of the house, a feral man with curious proclivities and voracious appetites. Isabel tries to find her way in a new life at the manor, but quickly finds herself bound up with the Master of the house and engrossed in the lifestyle and ritual the manor’s occupants share.


My Review

I received this book from the author/publisher via Netgalley for an honest review.

. 5 Stars!

What the hell I just read??? This was so damn boring and I didn’t relate to no of the characters.I was bored to tears with the Belle character. This was so loosely based off of BATB that only two things resemble it was the fact it had a character who was named Gaston aka potential rapist and the Beast was deformed. That’s it.

Two notes for the author

1. Learn what all of BDSM inclined before trying to pin your novel as one. It’s more to it than having a couple scenes of people being resistant and getting whipped with a cane until welts come up. This felt like if E.L James decided to do a novel version of Eyes Wide Shut.. Like 50 Shades of grey wasn’t good enough for her… It doesn’t hurt to do research on a subject matter regardless if it’s deemed taboo.

2. Giving someone a backstory when 90% of the book is over is not a good way to go. Especially when that character was like at least 50% of the book. That just shows how lazy the writing is. It was also very repetitive. Like they just copy and paste the same paragraph and put it on a different page.

Do I recommend?

No I do not. If you want to read a BATB retelling with a little BDSM favor, read Petals and Thorns by Jennifer Paris instead. You actually can tell that writer did her research.


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