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Textrovert by by Lindsey Summers


Release Date: May 2nd,2017

Summary:It’s bad enough when high-school senior Keeley grabs the wrong phone while leaving her small town’s end-of-summer fair. It’s even worse when she discovers that the phone she now has belongs to the obnoxious, self-centered Talon and that he’s just left for football camp … with her phone. Reluctantly, the two agree to forward messages for a week. And as Keeley gets to know Talon, she starts to like him. Keeley learns there’s more to Talon than the egocentric jock most people see. There’s more to Keeley, too. Texting Talon, she can step out of the shadow of her popular twin brother. Texting Talon, she can be the person she’s always wanted to be. Sparks fly when the two finally meet to exchange their phones. But while Keeley has been playing a part online, Talon has been keeping a secret. He has a different connection to Keeley — one that has nothing to do with phones, and one that will make their new relationship all but impossible. Knowing what she now knows, can Keeley trust him? And can love in the present erase mistakes of the past? Lindsey Summers’s page-turning romance is funny, surprising and full of heart. With its device-centered story, snappy dialogue, looping subplots and depiction of first love, this title offers something for every reader.

My Review. 

3.5 Stars!

Textrovert is a story about two strangers who accidentally switch phones and start a friendship over it. It pretty much a cute high school story about showing your true self and not what people think over you. It pretty much was like Romeo & Juliet with text messages since the main couple were from rival schools where the football teams couldn’t stand each other.It also got a little bit of Beauty and the Beast since the main love interests was kind of full of himself until Keeley knocked him down a peg or two. It would have gotten four stars from but towards the 70% mark of the book, there were some unnecessary drama that was added that didn’t help the story at all. It honestly hindered because it started to feel juvenile. Granted this is a book dealing with high schoolers but the drama could have been a little more mature than immature. This writing was good but the one gripe I have is that it should have been in 1st pov than 3rd. I can’t believe I’m saying this cause I love 3rd pov than 1st pov. The fact the whole book was pretty much show all the events and thoughts of these in events in Keeley’s point of view and no want else’s, warrant’s for it to be in 1st pov. In my head I kept changing the pronouns and the narrative flowed better since I saw everything in her mind. Overall it’s a cute story but nothing grand about it…

Would I recommend?

Yes. If you need something light and quick to read.


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