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Heartless by Marissa Meyer



Long before Alice fell down the rabbit hole…
And before the roses were painted red…
The Queen of Hearts was just a girl, in love for the first time.


.5 stars

Let me say that regardless on how I feel about this book ,I still love Marissa Meyer and her writing. I still think that the Lunar Chronicles is a wonderful series.


I tried so hard to connect with this book and the characters but I couldn’t at all. One strike is had against it before I started it was the fact I’m not a big fan of Alice in Wonderland. I tried so hard to like it through the years but it never interest me.I had some moments that I did but then it went back to disconnect. I supposed to felt sorry for Cath and relate to her but I couldn’t because honestly it was her fault at what happened. I understand that she had dreams that she wanted to obtained but during the book she became insufferable with them. I just wanted to put tape over her mouth everytime she whined about not wanting to become queen.It was like ” Look we get it. You want a bakery and Jest! Stop whining about it!” I was so waiting for her to tell her parents and the king out but she never did. I’m a sucker for romance but Jest and Cath didn’t do nothing for me because it felt too quick. It felt that it didn’t get enough development at all so I kind of figured that it wouldn’t end well. Jest didn’t wow me as a romantic love interest. The king was obvious as hell. Her parents was the typical ” trying to climb the social ladder and really don’t listen to their kids wishes” parents that been seen in other books. The hatter came off as being a bitter and salty ex lover. I should feel bad for the maid but I can’t at all since she part of the reason why Cath descended into madness. The only two characters I felt sorry for is the turtle and the wife since their endings were sad. In all honestly,Marissa did a better job with telling Leavna backstory before she becoming the evil queen of luna than Cath becoming the evil queen of hearts.

I tried but failed to like it..




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